The Hell of Appraisals - Making Them Work for Your Company

20th August 2017
In many companies performance reviews or appraisals are that annoying process at the end of each year where a bored busy manager sits down with an employee who may be experiencing a range of emotions from the eagerly expectant to bored to nervous. The man... Read >

Flexible Working and Retention - Even the UK's Army’s getting In On It

04th June 2017
The armed forces made headlines in the HR world this week when the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, launched his vision for recruitment and retention, Maximising Talent. General Carter admitted he may be the “oldest dinosaur” in the... Read >

Struggling to motivate - It’s all in the mind

06th February 2017
Yesterday we were asked about introducing an attendance bonus to encourage employees to attend for work. I am always a bit wary of attendance bonuses because they have a habit of backfiring, but I agree that having a strong motivation to come to work is d... Read >

Workplace Worries When Colleagues Fall Out

23rd July 2015
The CIPD has just published research claiming that half of workers don't like their colleagues! Surprising? Perhaps not if you work on Top Gear! Even in happy workplaces, there's tension from time to time. Sometimes it gets really serious. That's no fu... Read >

Doing Business in an Age of Terrorism

23rd July 2015
No.10 recently announced that the UK's terror threat level has increased from "substantial" to "severe". The threat has probably been high for some while, and raising it publicly may be a prelude to stronger British action against ISIS. Britain is no... Read >

Paternity Rights - A scandal for whom

23rd July 2015
Earlier this week we heard from the Institute for Leadership and Management that only 10% of fathers are taking more than their two weeks' statutory paternity leave after their child is born. Their survey revealed that over half of managers consider pater... Read >

Friday is Motivation Day

23rd July 2015
It's Friday. I love working for myself, love the work, love my clients and think my team is brilliant. But by this stage of a busy week I'm usually juggling fast and ferociously to ensure that I get things done. Ferocious jugging plays havoc with my motiv... Read >

Handing over to a Successor - The Ups and Downs

23rd July 2015
It looks as though Buckingham Palace is planning for Prince Charles to take over many of The Queen's duties as she reaches her more senior years. Public opinion for a gradual handover seems finally to be in his favour. Charles will be less involved with h... Read >

Finders Keepers

18th June 2015
There is evidence recovery is taking place all round. Not only in the UK but this week’s figures have indicated growth in both Germany and France. After six quarters of recession now at least there has been some small growth reported on 0.3%. This is the... Read >

Fees Freeze Rights

17th June 2015
There’s a constant hum of dissatisfaction with the way that employment issues are dealt with in the UK. Recently, Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps suggested that employers have to resort to “disingenuous” reasons to dismiss poorly-performing staff... Read >

Dream, Dream, Dream

24th October 2012
Recently I was reading the results of the DeVono survey which inquired into the work preferences of people based in London. One of the questions which interested me is the point about sleeping at work. If you sleep without permission – that’s usually gros... Read >

Permanent Health Insurance and Holiday Pay

26th January 2012
Permanent health insurance (PHI) is designed to provide incomes for an employee if he is are unable to work because of ill health.  Typically a PHI policy will pay 75% of an individual's salary until retirement.The decision of the House of Lords in String... Read >

When an ET1 Arrives; Preparing to Defend an Employment Tribunal Claim

05th December 2011
Unless you’re a solicitor, the arrival of an ET1 (tribunal claim) does tend to cast a gloom over the morning ….Employment tribunal claims have risen considerably in recent years. In the current climate contractual variations and redundancy dismissals are ... Read >

Workplace grievances – a waste of time?

19th August 2011
For my sins, I have had to chair a number of grievance and grievance appeal meetings recently. It has been a draining and depressing experience. It is quite right that employees should be able to raise a genuine concern about work and breaches of stat... Read >

The Dreaded Appraisal

31st March 2011
It is common for businesses to carry out their annual performance appraisal process around this time of year. However, all too often the process feels like a burden and a waste of time. Managers dislike the time it takes to meet individually with each of ... Read >
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